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Horie Yui x Mizuki Nana – HIKARI x COSMIC LOVE (Anisama 2011)

late entry for October ^^”

This isn’t so much a new video but just a performance that I really like. Nothing like a collaboration between two of my favourite people. I think they chose songs that really suited one another. I think Hocchan pulls off COSMIC LOVE really well.


This makes me happy

Now that Minorin and Nana are always on separate days, my dream for a Minorin x Nana duet is pretty much dashed to pieces…



Somehow or other before I knew it, it became 2015, Nana turned 35 and LIVE THEATRE is already over and I haven’t finished Nana’s AFTER FLIGHT posts yet ^^” so here I am trying to catch up. lol are all seiyuu blogs doomed for inactivity?

If you don’t know what these posts are talking about, you better order Nana’s LIVE FLIGHT+ DVD/BD!!!!! It came out two weeks ago!

2014.08. 6

When it comes to a tour, I look forward to the planning process! ♪
As such, today we will talk about this! (^O^)/
Since I covered DREAMS COME TRUE’s “egao no yukue” in SUPERNAL LIBERTY, this time, we decided to pick up all the songs I’ve covered until now outside my name (so from character songs etc.) and onto a die!
The challenge is to roll it at the venue and sing the song that comes up! (≧ω≦)b
Since I am unable to predict what will come up, it is different to drawing lots as we can’t go through the process of elimination and the same song might come up again and again… The truth is this was secretly the most nervous corner I’ve ever been wrapped up in (^^ゞ
But, being nervous with everyone while rolling the die was fun… ♪♪♪
It was certainly perfect for the live! o(^-^)o
I was happy that the die landed on all the songs and I was able to sing them all~! (≧▽≦)/

14 years since Nana’s debut

Today actually marks 14 years since Nana’s debut in 2000 when she was only 20 years old. (Fun fact: she debuted on the exact same date as Koda Kumi.) I got to know her in early 2007 so it’s right in the middle and marks my 7th year knowing her lol. Not much to actually say really except CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Over the past 14 years, Nana has dished out 10 albums and 30 singles, broken several records and appeared on Kouhaku 5 times (this year will be her sixth time). She is truly a remarkable icon in the anime world and not many in Japan don’t know her name or have not heard her voice.

Appearance wise I can’t say she changed all that much apart from longer hair and… bigger eyebags lol.

Nana in 2000.

Nana in 2000.

Nana in 2014.

Way more than 14 years ago but I felt compelled to share in the midst of nostalgia lol.

Surely many more successes and happy stories await.
As always…. 水樹奈々に・・・・かかってこい!!!!


2014.08. 5

When it comes to a Mizuki live,
at some point it became routine to feature a giant vehicle, lol
…As a result, today’s corner is about this!
It’s an airplane that synchronised its entrance with the opening video~!!(≧ω≦)/
Its name is the “Supernal#077”!!☆
Just like the stage, it is a combination of old and new, and we wanted to make it a machine that journeyed through time-space, so we worked on it with the retro propeller as a base♪
We wanted it to be simple but also to stand out, so we were also very picky with the body design o(^-^)o

And somehow!
This machine here is flying in real life! ヽ(≧▽≦)/
This tour is titled FLIGHT… so we want to arrive while flying in the sky! Is what MishimaP and I recklessly requested, and it was granted by our stage, production, props, and flying teams! (>_<)☆☆☆
From behind the cockpit I introduced yesterday, gliding through the sky past the runway all the way to the centre stage!
Right at the moment when the image of “VIRGIN CODE” was taking shape…
It made me tremble with emotions!! I was really really, happy!☆☆☆


2014.08. 4

As per usual, it’s the After corner!!! (≧▽≦)/
I’ve been dying to tell you all about it since June.
I’ll be attaching photos of the bits and pieces that made it to the stage this time!!♪♪♪
Firstly, today we have the stage set!!
This tour’s style is “FLIGHT”, so let’s make the entire stage itself a giant aircraft!
And so, we produced a giant propeller! If you look at it closely, it’s like this…☆


It’s a propeller that flew through the past, present and future by time-warping, so it has a retro image. To make it look well-used, we added rust and weathering to complete its look. During the live, it is operated by a system that makes it automatically move in a way that suits the moment. It’s very cool!

And at the centre of the stage, the cockpit is split into two by a flight of stairs ☆
The pattern of the stairs are not stuck on but fretwork, and has the details and finishing of an antique…!
When I saw it for the very first time at rehearsal, I was earth-shatteringly impressed!!
At the top of all that, at the cockpit there is a range of meters and gauges that look like touch-panels!! Its appearance is a fusion of different generations that transcends space and time…
It was a set that had the concepts of both past and future, and certainly fit into the theme of “SUPERNAL LIBERTY”!! (^O^)/

The design meetings for the stage started this year in January, and we revised it again and again until it became this finished product!

Fussing over even the details, being able to change not only the width but the height of the set so that it can fit the halls, arenas and stadiums..
To everyone on the stage team who made this super set, thank you so much!!!!


LIVE FLIGHT☆AIR 14 Yokohama!!

2014.08. 3

Mizuki Airlines’ final domestic flight has finally arrived at Yokohama Stadium!!!

There were three open-air stadiums during the tour, but the sky heard the wishes of Team Mizuki, and there was no rain(ω)lol
The ultimate blue sky was watching over our stage today too!
Wow, there’s so much I want to talk about, where should I begin…!? Lol
Anyway, it was just so much fun, it was out of this world!
“This miracle-like moment that can be found nowhere else, I want to feel it with every cell of my body!” That was the kind of stage I lost myself in!

This time’s tour started on the first of June, and the two months just flew by. There was honestly so much that happened.
I really can’t express in words the happiness of being able to safely re-commence the tour and arrive at the final stage together with everyone’s smile…

Once again…
You made a stage that overflowed with dreams together with me.
Cherry Boys, Team Yoda, and everyone involved with the stage, lighting, instruments, props, SFX, flying, video, make-up and costumes, and all those who helped make this tour a success, I really, really, really, really thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to your support, love was overflowing, the best possible outcome.
The live is a treasure that I will not forget for the rest of my life. (*^-^*)

 It might be cliché, but I really mean it, so please let me say it!
I’m so, so happy to have met such wonderful friends!!
Thank you so much for such a fantastic time!!!☆☆☆
Let’s do a lot of fun things together from now on too!!!!! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Uugh, at this rate it looks like I won’t be able to stop writing once I get started, so please let me tell you all about the contents of the live in my customary “After flight”!! (ω)

nana 04082014

I’ve been pretty busy lately so I think I’ll be sticking to some smaller translations for a while. A bit late but I think I’d like to translate the “After flight” posts following the end of Nana’s LIVE FLIGHT tour. There’s quite a lot so I might group posts together but yeah look forward to them! I’m glad that Nana safely ended her tour!! Can’t wait to see what she’ll do next!! LOV U NANA….

Mizuki Nana @ FNS Summer Song Festival 2014

Yesterday on the 13th, Nana participated in the FNS Summer Song Festival 2014 (FNSうたの夏まつり2014) and collaborated with prominent artists heavy metal singer Demon Kakka, and music veterans Kayama Yuuzou and Tokunaga Hideaki.
I really like these programs because Nana gets to sing a lot of great songs with a lot of great people and she always seems to have so much fun in all the performances. The program this year also featured other famous artists such as AKB48 and friends, T.M. Revolution, Kis-My-Ft2, Chris Hart, Suga Shikao, Momoiro clover Z, SMAP, May J and many others.

Setlist of 2014:
Desire -jounetsu- (1986) – Mizuki Nana x Demon kakka
Yume wo shinjite (1990) – Tokunaga Hideaki x Mizuki Nana
Aoi hoshikuzu (1966) – Kayama Yuuzou x Mizuki Nana

Last year she did collaborations with T.M.R, Nakagawa Shoko, Iwasaki Yoshimi and Hirahara Ayaka. Her cover of “Jupiter” with Ayaka last year was definitely the highlight of all her performances! I don’t think I can choose a favourite this year as I love yume wo shinjite and aoi hoshikuzu a lot and desire was so much fun.

I included a video of her performance with Hideaki in this post and you can find the rest of her perfomances on YouTube, although who knows for how long? Save them while you can!

Ultimate question time with Mizuki Nana (2011)

I randomly found this video some time ago on YT (since then removed) and it was amusing so I saved and roughly translated the script of most of the video. Not sure about the video’s origins exactly but it came out in 2011 near the end of the year, on a segment called SHOWBIZ TIME.

[starts around 0:25]
Q1: Choose one of the following:
A: Be a voice actor for the rest of your life
B: Be a singer for the rest of your life

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