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Horie Yui x Mizuki Nana – HIKARI x COSMIC LOVE (Anisama 2011)

late entry for October ^^”

This isn’t so much a new video but just a performance that I really like. Nothing like a collaboration between two of my favourite people. I think they chose songs that really suited one another. I think Hocchan pulls off COSMIC LOVE really well.


This makes me happy

Now that Minorin and Nana are always on separate days, my dream for a Minorin x Nana duet is pretty much dashed to pieces…


Video of the month


Figured I’ll try and edge back into posting by featuring a video every month (not very ambitious lol). Hopefully will edge into fortnightly and then maybe weekly posts ^^”

Music Star from Kotobuki Minako’s 3rd tour “Tick tick tick”

Now one of my favourite performances by Minako. I was really impressed that she was able to play this song and sing so well as it’s quite fast and has a lot of jumping and really proved that her piano skillz are the real deal.

Hope this video will inspire everyone to buy the DVD/BD. It’s worth it I’ve been watching and crying all day

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Happy Birthday Hocchan!

Hocchan celebrates her 17th birthday for the 22nd time today!

A fan on twitter has kindly documented her journey as a 17 year old in a chart since her debut.


I see she has perfected *the smile* from 2003 onwards… Looks like nothing much has changed except the level of makeup ^ ^”

While I’m on the topic of Hocchan, be sure to follow her new instagram if you have one. It’s great u can see her doing the same pose over and over again on a much more frequent basis and also some other interesting pics of food and other people [which is a legit great thing, this sentence wasn’t meant to sound so sarcastic!!].

With fellow Aice5 member Asano Masumi

During an Aice5 photoshoot


Don’t forget to rate, comment and subscribe to her Instagram for more great shots.

Anyway, here’s to another exciting, healthy year for Hocchan! Hope she gets hitched if she secretly isn’t already.


I’ve been watching SPHERE CLUB recently (yes, only 4 years late.. lol this blog is lost in time) and haven’t seen much about it on the English side of the Internet so I figured I’d make a short post about it here.

For those not familiar with it, it’s a series of 11 minute shorts essentially consisting of three segments; a mini “anime” part about a lazy and whacky student council where they will mention the name of a strange sounding club. Then there’ll be a 6 minute short where the members themselves act in a live action depicting the activities of said club. Afterwards the members perform a song to end the episode.

SPHERE girls and the characters that they play (loosely based on their appearances lol)

Ayahi (Hii-chan in the show) is usually the club captain and also the student council president. Haruka often plays the new or visiting member that wants to know more about the club. The club activities are usually so bizarre and she does an excellent role in being the straight man. Her tsukkomis are so on point, lol.

Examples of whacky clubs include ‘neo-wrestling’, sock, jingle, megane, hypnotism, ‘burikko’ (pretending to be cute), ‘compromising’ among many others.. It’s actually quite amazing that they can do so many weird things without laughing when they were filming, I wonder how many takes they had to do? I think I’d love to see the bloopers more than the real thing LOL

In particular I loved the ‘burikko’ one (episode 3). Ayahi and Aki pretend to be “moe” (*shivers*…). Unfortunately Minako doesn’t join in but that episode was absolutely hilarious.

Aki: Ah! I-it's not like I'm so happy about my first date that I'm crying or anything! It's just that I got sand in my eye!

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Top ten voice actors chosen by Japanese high school students

The voice acting department of the Tokyo School of Anime (there is one? lol) asked the high school students that visited their school who their favourite seiyuu were and compiled a “top 10” chart.

1st Miyano Mamoru (55 votes)
2nd Kamiya Hiroshi (53 votes)
3rd Sawashiro Miyuki (44 votes)
4th Tomokazu Sugita (39 votes)
4th Mizuki Nana (39 votes)
6th Shimono Hiro (37 votes)
7th Kajii Yuki (35 votes)
8th Ono Daisuke (26 votes)
9th Hanazawa Kana (24 votes)
9th Romi Park (24 votes)

The results are by no means exhaustive; after all, they only asked visiting students (I’m sure we can find a list with larger sampling data if we tried). If it were high school students who visited the voice acting department, I wonder if there were more girls taking the survey? Maybe I am just thinking too much?