More information released for black hole

I wasn’t planning to post anymore about black hole but Minako’s website updated and the jackets got released and……..!!!! I’m too excited lol

First press limited edition CD+DVD 1,713yen

Normal edition CD  1,241yen

Normal edition CD 1,241yen

Minako gone 10000% hipster?! Definitely feeling the KOTOBUKI ROCK!!!!!

On her blog Minako said it’s titled ‘black hole’ because recently she’s taken a liking to lowercase letters LOL. First press edition is in a similar pose to the one on TICK which is great I love how a lot of her CD covers are simple and in similar poses, they’re great to put adjacent to one another.


<CD> hole
2.Another Wonderland hole (Instrumental)

1.「black hole」Music Clip
2.TV SPOT(15sec+30sec)

I can’t believe there are only 2 tracks…… come on Music Ray’n….

There’s a bit over three weeks til the release and the CD jacket only just got released.. I checked the website earlier today and the news page was buggy lol they must have been updating it at that time. I can’t believe how last minute Mina’s promo team is lol compared to other artists..

Anyway, looks like the limited edition also comes with stickers for you to create your own “original” CD jacket. I’m sold!  Preorder both editions now!!! Might as well grab the new photobook, minakoxmuseum, as well!


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