I’ve been watching SPHERE CLUB recently (yes, only 4 years late.. lol this blog is lost in time) and haven’t seen much about it on the English side of the Internet so I figured I’d make a short post about it here.

For those not familiar with it, it’s a series of 11 minute shorts essentially consisting of three segments; a mini “anime” part about a lazy and whacky student council where they will mention the name of a strange sounding club. Then there’ll be a 6 minute short where the members themselves act in a live action depicting the activities of said club. Afterwards the members perform a song to end the episode.

SPHERE girls and the characters that they play (loosely based on their appearances lol)

Ayahi (Hii-chan in the show) is usually the club captain and also the student council president. Haruka often plays the new or visiting member that wants to know more about the club. The club activities are usually so bizarre and she does an excellent role in being the straight man. Her tsukkomis are so on point, lol.

Examples of whacky clubs include ‘neo-wrestling’, sock, jingle, megane, hypnotism, ‘burikko’ (pretending to be cute), ‘compromising’ among many others.. It’s actually quite amazing that they can do so many weird things without laughing when they were filming, I wonder how many takes they had to do? I think I’d love to see the bloopers more than the real thing LOL

In particular I loved the ‘burikko’ one (episode 3). Ayahi and Aki pretend to be “moe” (*shivers*…). Unfortunately Minako doesn’t join in but that episode was absolutely hilarious.

Aki: Ah! I-it's not like I'm so happy about my first date that I'm crying or anything! It's just that I got sand in my eye!

Ayahi dukes it out with a fan in the “Neo-wrestling club”. How do they not crack up while doing all this? LOL



I thought I could get in on the “compromising club” BUT THIS WAS JUST GOING TOO FAR

You can find SPHERE CLUB on YouTube (with Chinese subs) or higher quality files on 4shared (raws only). Even if you can’t read Chinese/understand Japanese the scenarios are easy to grasp and their actions are so funny to watch so you should give it a shot if you haven’t already!

could hardly concentrate on this episode because megane Minako is 2 cute

could hardly concentrate on this episode because megane Minako is 2 cute

I haven’t finished it yet but am looking forward to watching more. To those who have already watched it, which club was your favourite?


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