Somehow or other before I knew it, it became 2015, Nana turned 35 and LIVE THEATRE is already over and I haven’t finished Nana’s AFTER FLIGHT posts yet ^^” so here I am trying to catch up. lol are all seiyuu blogs doomed for inactivity?

If you don’t know what these posts are talking about, you better order Nana’s LIVE FLIGHT+ DVD/BD!!!!! It came out two weeks ago!

2014.08. 6

When it comes to a tour, I look forward to the planning process! ♪
As such, today we will talk about this! (^O^)/
Since I covered DREAMS COME TRUE’s “egao no yukue” in SUPERNAL LIBERTY, this time, we decided to pick up all the songs I’ve covered until now outside my name (so from character songs etc.) and onto a die!
The challenge is to roll it at the venue and sing the song that comes up! (≧ω≦)b
Since I am unable to predict what will come up, it is different to drawing lots as we can’t go through the process of elimination and the same song might come up again and again… The truth is this was secretly the most nervous corner I’ve ever been wrapped up in (^^ゞ
But, being nervous with everyone while rolling the die was fun… ♪♪♪
It was certainly perfect for the live! o(^-^)o
I was happy that the die landed on all the songs and I was able to sing them all~! (≧▽≦)/


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