14 years since Nana’s debut

Today actually marks 14 years since Nana’s debut in 2000 when she was only 20 years old. (Fun fact: she debuted on the exact same date as Koda Kumi.) I got to know her in early 2007 so it’s right in the middle and marks my 7th year knowing her lol. Not much to actually say really except CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Over the past 14 years, Nana has dished out 10 albums and 30 singles, broken several records and appeared on Kouhaku 5 times (this year will be her sixth time). She is truly a remarkable icon in the anime world and not many in Japan don’t know her name or have not heard her voice.

Appearance wise I can’t say she changed all that much apart from longer hair and… bigger eyebags lol.

Nana in 2000.

Nana in 2000.

Nana in 2014.

Way more than 14 years ago but I felt compelled to share in the midst of nostalgia lol.

Surely many more successes and happy stories await.
As always…. 水樹奈々に・・・・かかってこい!!!!


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