50 Q&A to know Kotobuki Minako better・・・ Well, 28


I found this random scan on the internet (Google images actually) from who knows when (probably a while ago), it says 50 questions but it only has 28.. I found the other 23 on a separate page but I think I’ll save that for another time LOL
Well anyway without further delay…

1. Nickname when you were a kid?
When I was in primary school and junior high school, everyone called me Mina. My high school friends called me Minako.

2. What do you think you’d be doing now if you didn’t become a voice actress?
Before I started working as a voice actress, I did some acting, so I think I would have continued with that.

3. What are your favourite sushi toppings?
Engawa (fluke fin), tsubugai (whelk/sea snail), squid and sweet shrimp (amaebi).

4. At what times do you think “I’m more grown up than I thought..”?
I myself don’t really think so, but it’s probably my face (lol). And I get the feeling I am seen as more adult-like when I’m thinking.

5. What is your favourite food right now?
Sweets. I’d go to shops to eat cake and stuff

6. If the four members of SPHERE could hang out together for one day, what would you like to do and where?
Relaxing and having a barbeque at Karuizawa.

7. What did your parents often tell you when you were a kid?
They often told me “Do the things you hate first!” (lol)

8. What’s your most recent splurge?
I bought a lot of DVDs.

9. Which part of yourself has grown the most since the formation of SPHERE?
I’ve been able to convey my own thoughts more clearly, e.g. at radio or during live MCs.

10. What’s something that you always end up buying at the convenience store?
Gummy candy and Red Bull (lol)

11. When you were a kid, what was in your standard lunch box?
It frequently had naporitan pasta and takoyaki. Of course, it was put separate from the rice (lol)

12. At what times do you think “I’m still such a child…”?
Doing things at my own pace, and I’m very picky with food. I don’t eat spicy food and things I haven’t tried before.

13. If you could be reborn, would you want to be a boy or a girl?
It looks like fun to be a guy, but if I have to choose, I’d choose to be a girl.

14. If you could express your personality in one word?
I really think I’m always going at my own pace.

15. What were you most embarrassed about recently?
I went shopping and didn’t have enough money.

16. Do you eat your favourite food first or last?
I leave it to last.

17. Which electronic will you be the most troubled with if it didn’t exist?
Aircon! Even though in the past, I hardly relied on it…

18. What’s the scariest thing in the world?
As always, my father. Rather than scary, he’s very passionate.

19. Ideal date?
At the beach!

20. If there was a time machine, would you go to the past or the future?
The past. I want to see myself when I was a baby.

21. What’s a necessity an adult woman must absolutely have?
A big container/bowl (?????? OK Mina). And to be patient, unlike me.

22. What’s one thing you will definitely make your own kids do?
Learn piano. Because my one biggest regret is that I didn’t continue learning properly.

23. What’s something you’d like to do at least once in your life?
Something like diving or marine sports!

24. What made you cry the most recently?
I watched the movie “Colourful“.

25. Something you can be proud of to others?
I’m good at the hula hoop.

26. If you were made to perform one thing in front of people what would you do?
Maybe I would do the bridge?? By the way, in the Kotobuki family, when we get new years’ money we have to do something to receive it, so when I was a child I did just that (lol).

27. What’s something that makes you think “I’m such a B (bloodtype)”? [Japanese people assign personalities to blood types just like zodiacs]
When I’m doing things at my own pace. And maybe my walking speed, or that I don’t really take notice of others (lol).

28. What makes you the happiest right now?
Watching TV (lol).

Well I hope you found that at least a little bit interesting. I was surprised at her gourmet sushi tastes, but then she said she was a picky eater, lol.


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