Horie Yui’s 9th album title announced “World end’s garden” sale date 07.01.2015


Hocchan’s 9th album is titled 『ワールドエンドの庭』 which translates to “World end’s garden”.  It must be inspired by her single “The♡World’s♡End” which was used as the 2nd OP for Golden Time…. or maybe Hocchan has been watching too many post-apocalyptic movies lately.

The album jacket, booklet and limited first press photobook feature a photoshoot in England.

Looks like there’ll be two limited editions, type A and B, though I’m not sure what the differences are yet.

Tracks include (but not limited to):

  1. Golden time (Golden time’s OP1)
  2. Sweet & Sweet CHERRY (Golden time ED1)
  3. The♡World’s♡End (Golden time OP2)
  4. 半永久的に愛してよ♡ (Golden time ED2)
  5. この場所で (Mitsuwano OVA ED)
  6. Stand up! (Theme song for the smart phone game “Shironeko project“)

….That’s a lot of Golden Time.


  • Animate: A3 poster
  • Gamers: B2 poster
  • Toranoana: A4 clear file
  • Sofmap: B2 poster
  • Bunkyodo: A3 clear poster
  • Neowing: mousepad
  • Tower Records: A4 clear file
  • HMV: A4 clear file
  • TSUTAYA: A4 clear file

The album is released on the 7th of January next year. Limited editions type A, B and regular edition are all the same price at 2,857yen (tax excl.) so why not take this time to save up and just buy all three?


Top ten voice actors chosen by Japanese high school students

The voice acting department of the Tokyo School of Anime (there is one? lol) asked the high school students that visited their school who their favourite seiyuu were and compiled a “top 10” chart.

1st Miyano Mamoru (55 votes)
2nd Kamiya Hiroshi (53 votes)
3rd Sawashiro Miyuki (44 votes)
4th Tomokazu Sugita (39 votes)
4th Mizuki Nana (39 votes)
6th Shimono Hiro (37 votes)
7th Kajii Yuki (35 votes)
8th Ono Daisuke (26 votes)
9th Hanazawa Kana (24 votes)
9th Romi Park (24 votes)

The results are by no means exhaustive; after all, they only asked visiting students (I’m sure we can find a list with larger sampling data if we tried). If it were high school students who visited the voice acting department, I wonder if there were more girls taking the survey? Maybe I am just thinking too much?