Minako blog round-up September 7-24

With her new album, 3rd live tour and birthday, you can’t really blame my not-so-subtle pivot towards the Minako sphere, can you? Anyhow, she’s been up to a lot lately so here’s a quick summary of what she’s been up to (and we can find out a lot more about the process that went behind her new album). I figured it’d be much better if I just summarised her blog posts rather than translating them all one by one since they’re so long, lol.

07 September 2014

  • Here is the CD jacket for the 2nd album “Tick”.
  • This time, it’s something fresh and is a little bit different to what we’ve had until now.
  • She worked with roughly the same people as always, but the atmosphere of the album is still a little different.
  • With the album title and the cover photo, she wanted to “mark the passage of time”
  • As a result, this photoshoot was like it was for an old 60s and 70s fashion magazine.

10 September 2014

  • Celebrating mid-autumn festival
  • Tried to make tsukimi dango for the first time
  • When she was small, at school, for her own birthday month, when she had to make a calendar, it was always a picture of moon viewing.
  • Ended up making a lot
  • When she was trying to make big ones it got too heavy and didn’t stay together
  • It was fun to do something ‘crafty’
  • In the end she made some sauce and made mitarashi dango and she was moved that even she can make smething so similar to the stuff u find at the shops
  • Wants to make bread one more time before she turns 23, and eat bread from fukuoka with mayonnaise and mentaiko (gross lol)

11 September 2014

  • Commented that the clothes that she’s wearing makes her look like Nemo. lol
  • She really likes them
  • Just like these clothes, the others are really cute too
  • The art director is the world famous Matsuda Gou (who? lol)
  • She’ll be in next month’s animedia and seiyuu grand prix
  • To match the atmosphere of tick, there are many cool photos where she is not smiling lol

13 September 2014

  • Sphere’s first live at utsunomiya
  • Her last stage as a 22 year old
  • Sang “I wanna be my precious one” for the first time
  • Updated her official website too. About fricken time


 14 September 2014

  • 15th anniversary for lantis festival
  • When she just started there, it was the 10th anniversary
  • At that time she just debuted with sphere for about half a year and just sang supernova and Future Stream
  • Now they already have over 50 songs
  • When she thought of that , it became a very emotional day for her

15 September 2014

  • As tomorrow is her last day of being 22, she thought she had to do something!!!!
  • She ended up playing Hyrule warriors. LOL
  • She holds the role of Lana/Shia in the game. She played ocarina of time in the past so she was so happy to get that role
  • Now she plays it every day to relieve stress. LOL
  • Before she knew it, it’s been 4 years since her solo debut.
  • She’s grateful that she has been allowed to sing so much
  • It’s been just about 4 years since she started her life of “Kotobuki Rock” (this seems to be what Minako calls her own music lol), but a lot has changed as well.
  • Tick is a mix of the “Kotobuki rock” up til now, as well as new “kotobuki rock”
  • In the album she also challenged dance music, R&B etc because in these 4 years she has also challenged and experienced many new things
  • The image is gyoza after the Sphere Utsunomiya performance.

17 September 2014

  • Turned 23!
  • When she was around 20 she thought she had to be an adult quickly and was impatient, but slowly came to realise that even if she rushes, there are some things that won’t change
  • She wants to keep going at her own pace and pass the time away (referencing “My stride” and “tick”)
  • Haruka took her to a fancy place and had a feast (2nd image)
  • She was told on her birthday that she has dates confirmed for next year’s 3rd live tour. She didn’t know and was so surprised.

21/09 - Photo of her after the Gundam event with some konpeito lol

21/09 – Photo of her after the Gundam event with some konpeito lol

24/09 - Pic taken before her first day at her musical Eclipse

24/09 – Pic taken before her first day at her musical Eclipse

It’s evident that it’s been a busy month for her, with events going on every single day, whether it’s her own solo activities, SPHERE or working towards her musical “Eclipse”, which she has a role in alongside Toyosaki Aki. Hope she gets some well deserved rest!


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