Happy birthday Minako!!


One of my favourite seiyuu, Kotobuki Minako, turns 23 today! I’ve been thinking about Tick all day and almost forgot to wish her a happy birthday, how selfish of me.. while Minako is the star that just keeps on giving, bestowing upon us her 2nd album!!

I never expected myself to become such a big fan, in fact up until May this year I was just a casual fan who knew and liked what roles I knew of but never followed her around like I do now. It wasn’t until I saw her live in May at Kobe that I just fell head over heels in love and I’ve been an avid fan ever since. I just like everything about her; her roles and the characters that she play are all likeable and well done, the simplicity in her music and the way she’s presented in her image, is humble but impressive. I look forward to seeing her in Gundam Reconguista soon and all the other roles she’ll be playing in the future. I hope I’ll get to see her live again as well!!! Keep up the great work, Minako!!


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