“Tick” setlist, cover, tokuten information

Limited first press edition cover

Regular edition cover

Setlist (click for previews)
2.pretty fever
3.Believe ×
5.i wanna be my precious one
6.プリズム (Prism)
8.交差点 (Kousaten)
9.girly highester!
10.ウレイボシ (Ureiboshi)
11.小さな手紙 (chiisana tegami)
12.ミュージックスター (Music star; live tour “make x live recording)

<Blu-ray>※ First press limited edition only
Kotobuki Minako Second Live Tour 2014 “make x”@Omiya Sonic City

ココロスカイ (kokoro sky)
交差点 (kousaten)
echo hearts
Believe ×
girly highester!

Tokuten information

Everyone who buys a copy also receives this clear file regardless of whether you buy the regular or limited edition:

Overall it appears that there will be seven new songs. It seems she’s trying a range of new styles in this album. I always liked her simple style but it’s interesting to see her do something new too.

I’m very excited about the blu-ray, if the format was the same as the concert in Kobe, Kousaten is going to be an amazing acoustic version with Minako on the piano 🙂 I’m surprised there will be no footage of the music star recording? I wonder which recording they will use in the album, since she did it at every venue, not just at Omiya. I wonder if the “Special live selection” means there will be no separate DVD/BD release for her Make-X concert?

I can’t help but feel everything has been quite slow, I mean there’s only a bit more than a week until her new album is out but her website is still promoting Believe-X lol. To my knowledge, most of the promotion is in her radio show. Her album cover reminds me of like some editorial photoshoot? Marieclaire?? LOL


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