2014.08. 5

When it comes to a Mizuki live,
at some point it became routine to feature a giant vehicle, lol
…As a result, today’s corner is about this!
It’s an airplane that synchronised its entrance with the opening video~!!(≧ω≦)/
Its name is the “Supernal#077”!!☆
Just like the stage, it is a combination of old and new, and we wanted to make it a machine that journeyed through time-space, so we worked on it with the retro propeller as a base♪
We wanted it to be simple but also to stand out, so we were also very picky with the body design o(^-^)o

And somehow!
This machine here is flying in real life! ヽ(≧▽≦)/
This tour is titled FLIGHT… so we want to arrive while flying in the sky! Is what MishimaP and I recklessly requested, and it was granted by our stage, production, props, and flying teams! (>_<)☆☆☆
From behind the cockpit I introduced yesterday, gliding through the sky past the runway all the way to the centre stage!
Right at the moment when the image of “VIRGIN CODE” was taking shape…
It made me tremble with emotions!! I was really really, happy!☆☆☆


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