Minako blog round-up September 7-24

With her new album, 3rd live tour and birthday, you can’t really blame my not-so-subtle pivot towards the Minako sphere, can you? Anyhow, she’s been up to a lot lately so here’s a quick summary of what she’s been up to (and we can find out a lot more about the process that went behind her new album). I figured it’d be much better if I just summarised her blog posts rather than translating them all one by one since they’re so long, lol.

07 September 2014

  • Here is the CD jacket for the 2nd album “Tick”.
  • This time, it’s something fresh and is a little bit different to what we’ve had until now.
  • She worked with roughly the same people as always, but the atmosphere of the album is still a little different.
  • With the album title and the cover photo, she wanted to “mark the passage of time”
  • As a result, this photoshoot was like it was for an old 60s and 70s fashion magazine.

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Kotobuki Minako 3rd live tour announcement

No details yet but Minako has announced her third live tour!! I can’t believe it! There was a two year gap between her first and second but if she starts doing them yearly my life is going to be that much more exciting…

11 April Saturday @ Shibuya Town Hall (渋谷公会堂)
Capacity- 2,084

18 April Saturday @ Zepp Namba OSAKA
Capacity- 2,530

26 April Sunday @ Zepp Nagoya
Capacity- 1,792

5 May Tuesday (public holiday) @ Kanagawa Prefectural Civic Hall (神奈川県民ホール)
Capacity- 2,488

Interesting tour venues.. she’s going around in a circle from Tokyo to Osaka then back up to Kanagawa!? No stopover at Kobe?

Watch this space (or more importantly her official website) for more news!

Happy birthday Minako!!


One of my favourite seiyuu, Kotobuki Minako, turns 23 today! I’ve been thinking about Tick all day and almost forgot to wish her a happy birthday, how selfish of me.. while Minako is the star that just keeps on giving, bestowing upon us her 2nd album!!

I never expected myself to become such a big fan, in fact up until May this year I was just a casual fan who knew and liked what roles I knew of but never followed her around like I do now. It wasn’t until I saw her live in May at Kobe that I just fell head over heels in love and I’ve been an avid fan ever since. I just like everything about her; her roles and the characters that she play are all likeable and well done, the simplicity in her music and the way she’s presented in her image, is humble but impressive. I look forward to seeing her in Gundam Reconguista soon and all the other roles she’ll be playing in the future. I hope I’ll get to see her live again as well!!! Keep up the great work, Minako!!

“Tick” setlist, cover, tokuten information

Limited first press edition cover

Regular edition cover

Setlist (click for previews)
2.pretty fever
3.Believe ×
5.i wanna be my precious one
6.プリズム (Prism)
8.交差点 (Kousaten)
9.girly highester!
10.ウレイボシ (Ureiboshi)
11.小さな手紙 (chiisana tegami)
12.ミュージックスター (Music star; live tour “make x live recording)

<Blu-ray>※ First press limited edition only
Kotobuki Minako Second Live Tour 2014 “make x”@Omiya Sonic City

ココロスカイ (kokoro sky)
交差点 (kousaten)
echo hearts
Believe ×
girly highester!

Tokuten information

Everyone who buys a copy also receives this clear file regardless of whether you buy the regular or limited edition:

Overall it appears that there will be seven new songs. It seems she’s trying a range of new styles in this album. I always liked her simple style but it’s interesting to see her do something new too.

I’m very excited about the blu-ray, if the format was the same as the concert in Kobe, Kousaten is going to be an amazing acoustic version with Minako on the piano 🙂 I’m surprised there will be no footage of the music star recording? I wonder which recording they will use in the album, since she did it at every venue, not just at Omiya. I wonder if the “Special live selection” means there will be no separate DVD/BD release for her Make-X concert?

I can’t help but feel everything has been quite slow, I mean there’s only a bit more than a week until her new album is out but her website is still promoting Believe-X lol. To my knowledge, most of the promotion is in her radio show. Her album cover reminds me of like some editorial photoshoot? Marieclaire?? LOL


2014.08. 5

When it comes to a Mizuki live,
at some point it became routine to feature a giant vehicle, lol
…As a result, today’s corner is about this!
It’s an airplane that synchronised its entrance with the opening video~!!(≧ω≦)/
Its name is the “Supernal#077”!!☆
Just like the stage, it is a combination of old and new, and we wanted to make it a machine that journeyed through time-space, so we worked on it with the retro propeller as a base♪
We wanted it to be simple but also to stand out, so we were also very picky with the body design o(^-^)o

And somehow!
This machine here is flying in real life! ヽ(≧▽≦)/
This tour is titled FLIGHT… so we want to arrive while flying in the sky! Is what MishimaP and I recklessly requested, and it was granted by our stage, production, props, and flying teams! (>_<)☆☆☆
From behind the cockpit I introduced yesterday, gliding through the sky past the runway all the way to the centre stage!
Right at the moment when the image of “VIRGIN CODE” was taking shape…
It made me tremble with emotions!! I was really really, happy!☆☆☆