Kotobuki Minako 2nd album announcement and information

I’m always on her website but I can’t believe I missed her 2nd announcement for so long! Why isn’t she doing more fervent promos already!!

Album title “Tick

Release date: 2014/September/17 (her 23rd birthday)

First press limited edition: CD + Blu-ray 4500yen
Normal edition: CD 3100yen

The CD will include the live recording of the song “Music star” that was made earlier this year during the 2nd tour Make-X.

The blu-ray included in the limited first press edition will also include selected scenes from the last concert day at Omiya Koen!

The album comes with an original clear file and post card when you buy the product at the following stores: animate, gamers, sofmap, toranoana, tower records, HMV, and Sony Music Shop.

Pre-order online here:

HMV Japan first press limited edition
HMV Japan regular edition

This is the best news I’ve heard for months!! I’ve been dying for her new album ever since her live in May!!! Music Star is amazing!!!

Wait, does this mean there won’t be a separate product for her concert? I don’t even have a blu-ray player but it looks like I have no choice but to buy this limited edition!! Are these tears from laughing or crying…


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