2014.08. 4

As per usual, it’s the After corner!!! (≧▽≦)/
I’ve been dying to tell you all about it since June.
I’ll be attaching photos of the bits and pieces that made it to the stage this time!!♪♪♪
Firstly, today we have the stage set!!
This tour’s style is “FLIGHT”, so let’s make the entire stage itself a giant aircraft!
And so, we produced a giant propeller! If you look at it closely, it’s like this…☆


It’s a propeller that flew through the past, present and future by time-warping, so it has a retro image. To make it look well-used, we added rust and weathering to complete its look. During the live, it is operated by a system that makes it automatically move in a way that suits the moment. It’s very cool!

And at the centre of the stage, the cockpit is split into two by a flight of stairs ☆
The pattern of the stairs are not stuck on but fretwork, and has the details and finishing of an antique…!
When I saw it for the very first time at rehearsal, I was earth-shatteringly impressed!!
At the top of all that, at the cockpit there is a range of meters and gauges that look like touch-panels!! Its appearance is a fusion of different generations that transcends space and time…
It was a set that had the concepts of both past and future, and certainly fit into the theme of “SUPERNAL LIBERTY”!! (^O^)/

The design meetings for the stage started this year in January, and we revised it again and again until it became this finished product!

Fussing over even the details, being able to change not only the width but the height of the set so that it can fit the halls, arenas and stadiums..
To everyone on the stage team who made this super set, thank you so much!!!!



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