Mizuki Nana @ FNS Summer Song Festival 2014

Yesterday on the 13th, Nana participated in the FNS Summer Song Festival 2014 (FNSうたの夏まつり2014) and collaborated with prominent artists heavy metal singer Demon Kakka, and music veterans Kayama Yuuzou and Tokunaga Hideaki.
I really like these programs because Nana gets to sing a lot of great songs with a lot of great people and she always seems to have so much fun in all the performances. The program this year also featured other famous artists such as AKB48 and friends, T.M. Revolution, Kis-My-Ft2, Chris Hart, Suga Shikao, Momoiro clover Z, SMAP, May J and many others.

Setlist of 2014:
Desire -jounetsu- (1986) – Mizuki Nana x Demon kakka
Yume wo shinjite (1990) – Tokunaga Hideaki x Mizuki Nana
Aoi hoshikuzu (1966) – Kayama Yuuzou x Mizuki Nana

Last year she did collaborations with T.M.R, Nakagawa Shoko, Iwasaki Yoshimi and Hirahara Ayaka. Her cover of “Jupiter” with Ayaka last year was definitely the highlight of all her performances! I don’t think I can choose a favourite this year as I love yume wo shinjite and aoi hoshikuzu a lot and desire was so much fun.

I included a video of her performance with Hideaki in this post and you can find the rest of her perfomances on YouTube, although who knows for how long? Save them while you can!


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