Mitsuishi Kotono @ SmashCon

I had the privilege of going to the Japanese pop culture convention SMASH! yesterday where Mitsuishi Kotono was a featured guest. I’m not really into conventions but I am a huge Sailor Moon fan and it was such an amazing day and I got so much more out of it than I ever expected!! Short report covering some of the stuff she said at her panels!

Note: You can see official minutes of the interview questions and answers at the JPFSydney twitter.

  • She was in a really lovely purple kimono which she brought with her from Japan and had a lovely purple ornament in her hair, she looked lovely!!!
  • It was her first time coming to Australia; she really wanted to visit Uluru but unfortunately Sydney and Uluru are in completely different areas. LOL she did get to try kangaroo meat though and is looking forward to meeting the koalas!
  • She did live dubbing of Sailor Moon, Eva, Gundam Seed and One Piece
  • Hearing her say “Moon prism power, make up!!!” was just so unbelievable!! Seeing her switch roles from clumsy innocent Usagi to the mature Misato and Murrue was amazing. She even did a small line from Ebichu!
  • When asked about roles she would like to challenge, she said she would like to try playing a tomboyish character
  • When asked if there’s any upcoming seiyuus that she has her eyes on, she said she doesn’t really know many newcomers but praised Satou Rina and Kamiya Hiroshi!!
  • One time she and the other four inner senshi seiyuu had a sleepover party at Takeuchi Naoko’s house for little reason
  • It was hard to get the character of Misato right according to Anno’s direction because he had a specific images of each of the characters in his head already but was bad at expressing those ideas so the staff of Eva were all very confused at how to approach their characters
  • A line/moment she will never forget in her life is the scene in Sailor Moon S where Saturn awakens and a weakened Usagi is crying and frustrated because she can’t transform
  • Signing tokens were limited and I’m so glad I got to the convention quite early and auto-piloted right to the booth where they were handing out the tokens.
  • After the panel, she was on the phone talking to Miyamura Yuuko, the VA of Asuka, who currently lives in Melbourne. LOL

I’m sure many more detailed reports will be popping up on the Internet soon if they haven’t already. She’s also on today for another guest panel but I’m not able to go so I’ll just keep stalking the JPFSydney twitter to keep updated. Overall it was such a great experience and I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet her!!



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