Nabatame Hitomi gets married!

After what seems like a hectic series of birthday celebrations, super voice actress Nabatame Hitomi announces that she has officially entered the family register. In other words, she got married! Congratulations!

Photo taken last October for the Precure movie.. not during her wedding ceremony lol.

Sorry to disappoint but photo was taken last October for the Precure movie.. not during her wedding ceremony lol.

Just the day before, Hitomi and Gotou Mai had a massive official birthday event. Hitomi’s birthday is August 4 and Mai’s is August 22. Judging from her blog, sending out the invitations was hectic but it looks like everyone had a good time! Apparently iPhone cases were the official event goodie haha



Hitomi and Mai with the organisers of the event

The very next day (I mean today) she celebrated her character Aida Mana’s (from Doki doki! Precure) birthday. All the main characters from Doki doki! Precure share the same birthday as their voice actresses. August 4 actually happens to land on the birthdays of several dokipre staff, including Hitomi, Terasaki Yuka (Raquel’s VA), as well as one of the producers Shibata Hiroaki. So all the dokipre staff and cast members celebrated together.

On the same day, Hitomi announced on her blog that she got married! Congrats!! Apparently her partner has a good personality and Hitomi herself is surprised that she was able to marry such a respectable person lol. She announced her marriage yesterday at the birthday event and thanked everyone for keeping quiet about it until the official blog announcement. Good work fans! Apparently some female fans were crying as if they themselves got married, lol. I understand, she is 38 this year, so I’m sure a lot of fans have been secretly worried for her……….. Including me…. LOL so I’m really happy for her!!

She said she’ll be continuing voicework from now on as well. May she have many happy days and many more roles ahead of her!! Woop woop!



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