Ultimate question time with Mizuki Nana (2011)

I randomly found this video some time ago on YT (since then removed) and it was amusing so I saved and roughly translated the script of most of the video. Not sure about the video’s origins exactly but it came out in 2011 near the end of the year, on a segment called SHOWBIZ TIME.

[starts around 0:25]
Q1: Choose one of the following:
A: Be a voice actor for the rest of your life
B: Be a singer for the rest of your life

Host: I’m sorry, we’re starting off with such a hard question!
N: I can’t believe it, what a terrible question!!
H: Well it’s not like it’s actually going to happen, so.. as a hypothesis…
H: Both!
H: Up until now, the only person who hasn’t been able to make a choice, and picked the middle, was… Lady Gaga!
N: Huh!?
H: Now it’s Lady Gaga and Lady Nana!! (ガガ様とナナ様!!! LOL)

N: This is the only thing I can’t choose between. Through a song, I can draw out the nature of a character that I’m playing, and as a voice actor, you play as a character and your expression in songs also widens.

H: Taken part in more than 200 works, Nana tells us about the reality of voice acting!
N: If you don’t do auditions… your schedule will be all blank! And then your summer will be… an.. eternal summer vacation…. So breaks are actually quite scary. Each audition is challenging!

H: In your everyday life, have you ever talked, accidentally or not, in a character’s voice or mannerisms?
N: When I’m eating with fellow voice actors, sometimes we do so on purpose.
For example, when we’re at a shop, I randomly decide to order in an extra beautiful voice!!
“~*~*Excuse me.. One bagna càuda please*~*~”
H: Wow! It sounds you just ordered a really fancy bagna càuda!

Q: If you could return to your high school days….
A: Redo your studies
B: Redo your love life

N: In the end, I think I’ll continue my studies. Right now, I’m studying English. It’s like hieroglyphs to me! I’m always thinking, “I wish I studied properly back then!”
H: You moved to Tokyo for high school, didn’t you?
Screen: Hometown-Ehime prefecture (Shikoku), moved to Tokyo at 15
N: Yes, that’s right, I was very strongly into following my dream. I had an impoverished lifestyle.. I couldn’t buy new socks for school.. It was 700yen!
H: 700yen! That’s expensive!
N: Yes! I had to mend them… I’m very good at mending socks now. Very good!!

H: Nana left her hometown Ehime to follow her dream. Her aim to become a singer was influenced by her parents.
N: My parents did singing lessons at home. My first stage was when I was in my third year of kindergarten (Japanese kindergartens go for three years). It was at the community centre in my home town. I was singing enka.
H: Enka!? Your first stage and you were singing enka!?
N: Yup! I tried really hard to get my voice to sound right!

H: From the influence of her dad, Nana is a huge fan of the Hanshin Tigers! Here’s a question!
Q: If you can only choose one….
A: A live at Tokyo Dome
B: A live at Koushien

Nana: That’d be amazing too! They’re both places I’ve dreamed of! But… But A! I will never forget watching Misora Hibari’s (famous enka singer) concert on TV when I was small. She’s singing at Tokyo Dome! That’s just amazing! She has been someone I’ve admired since I was little. I’ve always looked at Tokyo Dome as the place of my dreams. I wish I could do a concert there one day. That’s one of my dreams.

H: It has been decided that Nana is actually going to have a concert at Tokyo Dome on December 3 and 4!! It was her dream, so I’m really looking forward to it!
H2: She’s really bright and cute, BUT THEN WHEN SHE’S ON THE STAGE SHE BECOMES SO COOL AND POWERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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