Tuesday Twitter round-up

What’s our (or maybe just mine) favourite seiyuu been up to recently? Let’s find out!

Seiyuu covered in this post (image-heavy)
Inoue Marina (feat. Chihara Minori)
Fukuen Misato
Satou Rina (feat. Komatsu Mikako and Ishihara Kaori)
Kobayashi Yuu
Kadowaki Mai

26/07 – Inoue Marina asks her followers for help regarding computer and Photoshop stuff again. I remember one time she asked her followers for Photoshop tips when she was drawing. It seems Marina is bad at computers, though that can be said for probably the majority of all Japanese people, especially if the terms are in English.


“…………………………… is “DPI” and “pixel” the same thing?”

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Ultimate question time with Mizuki Nana (2011)

I randomly found this video some time ago on YT (since then removed) and it was amusing so I saved and roughly translated the script of most of the video. Not sure about the video’s origins exactly but it came out in 2011 near the end of the year, on a segment called SHOWBIZ TIME.

[starts around 0:25]
Q1: Choose one of the following:
A: Be a voice actor for the rest of your life
B: Be a singer for the rest of your life

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